About Me

An artist sets up his easel.

I unfold my tripod.

An artist prepares his brushes.

I dust off my lens.

An artist uses paints.

I use pixels, Canon camera, Mac computer, Wacom tablet,

Adobe Photoshop and plugins.

We both create memories.

I love what I do.

Untitled photo

Some of my work has appeared in online and printed magazines. My first ever being in the Photoshop User magazine. Some 1st place standings in competitions and appeared in a NYC digital art gallery.

My latest good deed was for the Christmas Wish,  A Heart Project run by Karen Alsop an Australian based photographer. Photos of children were taken in hospital, and behind the scene (that's where I come in) I was doing the editing.  Taking the photos and transporting the kids and Santa into whimsical Christmas scenes.  I heard I made a nurse tear up.... when she saw the final photo.   

The heArt Project

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