About Me

An artist sets up his easel.

I unfold my tripod.

An artist prepares his brushes.

I dust off my lens.

An artist uses paints.

I use pixels, Canon camera, Mac computer, Wacom tablet,

Adobe Photoshop and plugins.

We both create memories.

I love what I do.

Some of my work has appeared in online and printed magazines. My first ever being in the Photoshop User magazine. Some 1st place standings in competitions and appeared in a NYC digital art gallery.

My latest good deed was for the Christmas Wish,  A Heart Project run by Karen Alsop an Australian based photographer. Photos of children were taken in hospital, and behind the scene (that's where I come in) I was doing the editing.  Taking the photos and transporting the kids and Santa into whimsical Christmas scenes.  I heard I made a nurse tear up.... when she saw the final photo.   

The heArt Project

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